Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Lunchtime Adventures

First, thanks to Anand and Angela for leaving such nice comments. I appreciate it!

Yesterday, I had mango, spinach and banana smoothie, which is just about my favorite. (There's a green juice I like even better, but that's different.) Today, late waking up again. Grabbed an odwalla superfood smoothie at the coffee shop. Not as good as a real homemade fresh smoothie, but it was green!

Lunch was great. I brought a bunch of different veggies from home and cut them up at my desk. I had belgian endive leaves, and I put bits of avocado and tomato on top, with a squeeze of lime juice. Yummy! And some mini bell peppers. I did add a few wheat crackers, but it was mostly raw veggies.

Meanwhile, at home, my husband is experimenting with lots of different homemade pickles. He has them for lunch with some fresh fruit.

I'm looking forward to weighing in on Sunday. It's not the only reason I'm trying whole, raw foods, but it is a big reason for me.

Have a healthy day!

p.s. Hopefully videos on youtube are coming soon. We bought a super-cheap $10 digital camera and it doesn't work. :( It was all we could afford, so no videos yet. If anyone reading this has had success with an inexpensive webcam, please let me know what you use.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 2 - In Which We Learn the Value of Waking Up On Time

Day two of my journey towards better eating. My goals this week are simple: have a green smoothie or green juice every morning. Next week I'll add on. If I have more raw or vegan goodness, I'll talk about that too.

I overslept this morning, which meant I did not wake up in time to make my green smoothie. Bummer. I knew there was a juice bar called "Power Source" which I had seen near my office. So I found it on the way in. I was afraid it would be Jamba Juice like. It was pleasantly more hippie-esque than that. Once inside, I almost caved and ordered a delicious fruit smoothie. But I ordered the "motor oil" juice instead. It had beet, spinach, carrot and celery (and parsley maybe) juices, mixed together. Yummy. But $4.50? I could make a week's worth of green smoothies at home for that. Such is the Financial District.

My hubby made great veggie dinner too. We had the hot and sour soup recipe from one of the Sarah Kramer cookbooks, which is always popular with us.

Tomorrow I'll get up in time to make my green smoothie!

Have a healthy day!

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Kale-y Good Morning!

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post here. I will accompany it by videoblogging when my camera arrives, so anyone can see my journey.

I am Jenni. I am a 39 year old office worker, living in the Bay Area in Northern California. I live with my amazing hubby and our two cats. He is a teacher and also puts out Big Ole Face Full of Monster, our fun horror magazine that you can check out at

So why am I here blogging, and why is my blog called "Rawk You Like a Hurricane"? Many reasons. I've been very fat for most of my life. As I march into middle age, I want to get healthier and we want to get pregnant. I've been venturing into some raw foods, inspired by the beauteous Bunny Berry at, Philip McClusky at and a few others. Some how my interest was peaked after reading something from the Anarchist Book Fair this year and finding these two websites.

I'm not 100% raw, and I don't know if I will be. But I lose weight and feel good when I eat more raw foods. For the second time, I am using the Green Smoothie Challenge to challenge myself as I start. You can check it out at Nothing to buy, just nice people helping other people get healthy, two weeks at a time. I started it last week, but missed two days, and started again yesterday. Yesterday's smoothie was two big handfuls of beautiful salad greens from the farmer's market that included edible flowers, a peeled orange and two bananas, whirred up with a splash of water. It looks awful, but tastes good, and gets you through your math homework on a Sunday afternoon!

Today's smoothie is a handful of kale, a banana and a half a handful of frozen mango, with a splash of water. Not as tasty, but makes me feel good. If you don't have a fancy expensive blender like the vita-mix, kale can be hard to blend entirely well. My magic bullet does the job, but there are little bits of kale floating around.

And it's called Rawk You Like a Hurricane because the Scorpions do indeed rock. Have a healthy day everyone. More tomorrow!