Friday, August 22, 2008

Soup Success!

I had a better day today, foodwise. Not everything was raw, but a lot was. I started the day with a banana/strawberry smoothie that I made at home, I had a Swampmonster Smoothie (apple juice, pineapple, banana, spirulina and E3Live Powder) from the juice bar, raw veggie sushi.

For dinner I looked at a couple of different raw tomato soup recipes and tinkered around a bit. I put one big chopped tomato, one chopped red bell pepper, one tiny cucumber, about a tsp of miso paste and half of an avocado in my little blender. It was great and very filling.

I took it in to the computer room to take a picture and the cats thought they wanted to smell it. Here is a photo essay called: Cats Hate Soup!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thanks Kevin Gianni!

Kevin Gianni and his wife Ann Marie are awesome. If you haven't checked out his show, at, you should. A few weeks ago they had a recipe for portobello steaks with veggies and pinenut cream sauce on top. I made it tonight and the hubby and I dug it. I hope he doesn't mind me posting my picture of it, which is here:

After dinner, I prepared for the week by making four green lemonades to freeze. I just can't seem to always get it together in the morning, so frozen is good enough. Here is a quart and half of lemonade!
The recipe is from Natalia Rose's Raw Food Detox book, which I'm using a lot right now. I need to do this in stages or it doesn't work so well for me. I kind of fell off of the wagon HARD while I was in vacation, but now I'm back to my commitment of at least 50% raw for the rest of the 100 days.
Have a healthy day everyone!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I just created a huge post and accidentally deleted it. So I will just show you my crazy submission to the Raw Fu Green Smoothie Mustache Contest. Why am I making this face!

I've eaten about 50% raw for the last five days and I'm happy about that!

We leave tomorrow for Hawaii! I've never been, hooray! There will be photos when I return!

RAW FU Journaling Rules! (I found my lost post!)

Bunny Berry is a genius. She made us all this great little workbook to download and printout as part of our first mini-challenge (Day 1 through 10 of 100 days). There are 10 little circles, about the size of a quarter, and each day you're supposed to doodle something in the circle. It's so cool, it's a teensy journal. Here's what my circles say for each day!

Mmmmm, Citrus Surprise Smoothie!

Yee-Haw, Nut Milk and Raw Cacao Mmmmm

Big Salad saves the day!

Raw donut holes are crazy! Mmmmmm!

Raw Donut Holes = New Wheaties!

See, they're like crazy headlines for the end of each day. I love it.

I made raw donut holes last night from the Ani Phyo cookbook (thanks for getting it for me Sweetie!!). They were good, but my tiny magic bullet blender was not up to the task of grinding almonds in to powder or chopping dried pineapple. When I tried to chop the pineapple it made a horrible smell. When I took the blade off, the bottom was so hot it burned me. Sorry little blender. But they were tasty. Even tastier left over for breakfast.

I said to my hubby "Oh no, this is exactly the kind of halloween treat that kids hate isn't it!?" Yes, I'm that person now. Too bad, I like eating a natural goodie!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chia Cereal = Kind Of Creepy

I so wanted to post a glowing review of the Ruth's Hemp Food Chia Cereal. It tastes fine, it sticks with me like oatmeal would, but it's really a little gooey to take. I know that it's chia seeds do, but I prefer a green smoothie to the goo. I will use up the bag, maybe it will grow on me.

Have a great day!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 1 of the Raw Fu Challenge

Day 1 of Bunny Berry's Raw Fu Challenge! I did well, I have to constantly remind myself that my goal is 50% or more raw, so 50% is still great! (And way more raw than I was before.) I started the day by throwing two very ripe peaches, half a frozen banana and a bit of water in the blender and drinking it before work. Yummy! But not much staying power. I had some iced herbal rooibos tea instead of my usual coffee and two donuts for breakfast. I'm not kidding. The lack of caffeine combined with work stress made me start to feel like hell, so I ate some raw almonds mid morning and had a grapefruit, mango, banana apple smoothie, which was so very tasty.

I did eat some other things that were not raw. But at dinner, half my plate was raw veggies. This is very good for me!

I hope everyone had a great day 1!!