Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and the Sleepy

Hi Everyone. I've still been plugging away at incorporating raw foods. On Sunday, I am starting a 7 day detox that I found on the Raw Diva website. I printed out the optional meal planner, and I'm about to go spend an uncomfortable amount on organic produce at Whole Foods. But I am very excited about this new step.

I pick up raw packaged products very infrequently, mostly because they're so expensive, and I'm not usually anywhere that has them.

Here are two I tried in the last month:

HuuRaw Chips - Bell Pepper Flavor from Thrivin' Edibles. These are very tasty, savory chips. I like them a lot. Just a couple of them really satisfy my "salt tooth". I'm attaching photos at the end.

Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bar - Spirulina & Cashew. I love the raw foods community, so I am reluctant to dis anyone's product, but I really couldn't eat this. It was a crazy blackish green color from the spirulina, which is actually a plus for me. But it was so very oily to the touch that I couldn't dig it. Didn't taste good either. Sorry Raw Revolution people!

And finally, here is a sleepy cat picture.