Monday, December 29, 2008

Focusing on Positives

Today was the first day that I focused on 50% raw. I'm using Karen Knowler's transition plan for beginners. I highly recommend her ebook "How to Get Started with Raw Foods". I printed it out, put it in a 3 ring binder and went through it cover to cover this weekend in preparation. I also re-read Angela Stokes' ebooks "Revealing the Physical Changes" and "How to Go Raw for Weight Loss". Then, I also started listening to Kevin Gianni's four part lecture "7 Steps to Optimal Health". Part one is about goal setting, and it was very valuable for me.

The yummiest thing I had today, which I never tried before, was half a melon blended into a smoothie, all by itself. Delicious. I'm not going to detail all of my food, because it is Karen Knowler's copyrighted material, and a lot of work obviously went in to it.

I did have cooked dinner, as planned. It's hard for me not to say that I should have been MORE raw today, but that' ridiculous, because I was only planning for 50% for this first phase. I'm trying to learn to be easier on myself, and to focus on the positive.

Because I like to look at pictures, here is a picture of the yummy spiced fresh apple juice I made for Christmas.