Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ronco Dehydrator in Action!!

Those are just stray flax seeds on the counter, not a dirty kitchen.

Turning 40 is Confusing

Yes, that is correct. I turned 40 this Friday. I didn't expect to be freaked out by it, but I was. I lost my younger sister about four years ago, and sometimes that makes otherwise happy events very difficult for me.

But I made the best of it. Got a new haircut. (I cannot think with so much hair, and there is an awesomely good Supercuts a block from my work.) Went out for dinner with my mom and hubby.

Lots of things in the works this year, and I'm excited about that. Nutrition and health are biggies so that we can conceive this year. For the past couple of weeks I really lost sight of eating healthfully. I'm back on track as of Wednesday. Eating veggie, working on incoporating more raw. Using Angela Stokes' RevitaLive videos, which are very helpful with some of the emotional stuff.

My awesome mom and my husband's awesome mom gave me some birthday love in my cards, so I am finally the proud owner of a Ronco food dehydrator, yay! I have my first batch of carrot crackers dehydrating as we speak. I am excited about having these to take to work with raw soups or salads. My energy is better all day at work when I have a good lunch. I'm having some difficulty with coworkers not coming in to my office to ask me to take calls or appointments while I'm eating, so I think I'm going to try to hide in an empty office this week to have lunch.

Here is a nonsense poem I wrote the day before the big 4-0.

Para Mi, Para Ti, Party

The year of living changerously
The year of living strangerously

Feeling amorously
Loving clamorously

Cake shaking
Baby making
Thirst slaking

Mid life mysis
Rolling big dices
Sipping Lemon Berry Isis

Rosemary, you were only half right. This is a dream, and it is really happening.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Freaky Dream Du Jour

I had this dream last night: My hubby and I lived and worked in the Capitol building in Sacramento. One night I was hanging out with my cat in the ballroom, which was across the hall from our bedroom. This cute baby in old-fashioned clothes was crawling around and playing with the cat. She was quiet but a very smiley and friendly baby. Not weird at all. Then I went in to the bedroom and told my hubby to look at the cute baby. He said "What would a baby be doing here at night, unattended?" I turned to look at the baby, and it was totally inverted, standing on its head, smiling at me. Uh oh. What we have here is a ghost baby.

I kept trying to tell my boss, Bob Newhart, about the ghost baby, but he wouldn't listen. The next day, I walked pass the formal dining room, where several old ladies were having breakfast. They were all dressed up like it was high tea. As I passed the room, I heard one woman put her hand to her ear like she was listening and turned her ear towards the ceiling. "Aren't they little DARLINGS?" she cooed. I went in and said I was sorry to interrupt them, but had they seen any babies? The woman smiled and said, "In a way dear. Listen." and looked at the ceiling. I heard a strange sound upstairs. She explained that the capitol was full of ghost babies, and they were all running around upstairs. There you go. THE CAPITOL IS FULL OF GHOST BABIES. Clearly not a dream about fertility fears, right?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Lots of good things brewing. Starting to use my "Yoga for Indie Rockers" DVD again tomorrow. I've had it for several months, but only used it sporadically. It hurts, but it will help. It will be part of the fitness section of the new zine. I'm really excited about the zine, it will keep me focused, and will give me something positive to do during lunch time at work (aside from trying to figure out how much iced soy latte I can drink without barfing).

Making falafel for me and my sweetie for dinner tonight, and then we will watch Bordello of Blood and eat brownies.

Bounding towards Fitness!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Now Coming to You in E-zine Form

I am turning my journey in to a zine. For many reasons. But it will be fun reading

My new zine is about one funky fat girl's journey to health and eco-friendly life. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I will explore vegan lifestyle and raw food lifestyle experiences, both at home and away. My first issue will come out in early March, where I will distribute them at the Anarchist Book Fair in San Francisco.

My mailing address is: Jenni Morrison-Smith101A Hickey Blvd, Suite 464South San Francisco, CA 94080 If you know anyone who would be interested in having me review products of a green nature, or who would like to give an interview, I'm all ears. Peace and punk rock, (still in the early stages)

I want to look at many different facets of a healthy and fun life. I will definitely be reviewing the lucious adult video Voluptuous Life (pictured above), which I was delighted to receive as a review copy. It is a super sexy empowering good time!

I'm excited!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

5 Year Musings

Five years ago, I didn't have anyone to love romantically in my life. At 34 years old, I wasn't looking for a life-partner. I'd dated for many years, and never enjoyed it the way some people did.

Five years ago, I went on a first date with a charming teacher/writer/poet that I met online. We met in front of the Women's Building in San Francisco's Mission District. "Maybe Logic" the Robert Anton Wilson film, was showing as part of a film festival. Afterwards we had burritos at a taqueria and talked for hours. We have not been apart much since. Within weeks, I knew he was not the usual person that I met.

Two years ago, we got married on Halloween in Las Vegas, and that is a special anniversary of course.

But tonight is our date-a-versary, and I feel very lucky every day to have found the love of my life.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Good Food Day

Today I ate really healthy foods, and I am very happy about that. I often pack good foods, and I get really stressed out at work because coworkers fight with me, and I go out to lunch. Today I didn't cave. I'm using the Angela Stokes "RevitaLive" plan (mostly) so I won't post recipes.

At home, I had a green juice. It had no fruit, and it was pretty assertive tasting, but it made me feel good to start the day with. The plan also called for chia water, but I didn't have chia seeds. (Until I got home tonight and my seeds had arrived from! Yay!)

For lunch I had an awesome salad. I have a little bamboo cutting board and ceramic knife that I keep in my desk, so I can cut my veggies right before I make the salad. The ceramic knife is a little scary. I'm used to using a pretty dull knife at home, so when I sliced the avocado it went right through the pit. Yikes!

For dinner I had a raw soup and red bell pepper flax chips (the HuuRaw brand). I couldn't believe that it filled me up, I couldn't even finish the bowl.