Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Freaky Dream Du Jour

I had this dream last night: My hubby and I lived and worked in the Capitol building in Sacramento. One night I was hanging out with my cat in the ballroom, which was across the hall from our bedroom. This cute baby in old-fashioned clothes was crawling around and playing with the cat. She was quiet but a very smiley and friendly baby. Not weird at all. Then I went in to the bedroom and told my hubby to look at the cute baby. He said "What would a baby be doing here at night, unattended?" I turned to look at the baby, and it was totally inverted, standing on its head, smiling at me. Uh oh. What we have here is a ghost baby.

I kept trying to tell my boss, Bob Newhart, about the ghost baby, but he wouldn't listen. The next day, I walked pass the formal dining room, where several old ladies were having breakfast. They were all dressed up like it was high tea. As I passed the room, I heard one woman put her hand to her ear like she was listening and turned her ear towards the ceiling. "Aren't they little DARLINGS?" she cooed. I went in and said I was sorry to interrupt them, but had they seen any babies? The woman smiled and said, "In a way dear. Listen." and looked at the ceiling. I heard a strange sound upstairs. She explained that the capitol was full of ghost babies, and they were all running around upstairs. There you go. THE CAPITOL IS FULL OF GHOST BABIES. Clearly not a dream about fertility fears, right?

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