Thursday, February 12, 2009

Now Coming to You in E-zine Form

I am turning my journey in to a zine. For many reasons. But it will be fun reading

My new zine is about one funky fat girl's journey to health and eco-friendly life. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I will explore vegan lifestyle and raw food lifestyle experiences, both at home and away. My first issue will come out in early March, where I will distribute them at the Anarchist Book Fair in San Francisco.

My mailing address is: Jenni Morrison-Smith101A Hickey Blvd, Suite 464South San Francisco, CA 94080 If you know anyone who would be interested in having me review products of a green nature, or who would like to give an interview, I'm all ears. Peace and punk rock, (still in the early stages)

I want to look at many different facets of a healthy and fun life. I will definitely be reviewing the lucious adult video Voluptuous Life (pictured above), which I was delighted to receive as a review copy. It is a super sexy empowering good time!

I'm excited!!!

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