Monday, February 2, 2009

Good Food Day

Today I ate really healthy foods, and I am very happy about that. I often pack good foods, and I get really stressed out at work because coworkers fight with me, and I go out to lunch. Today I didn't cave. I'm using the Angela Stokes "RevitaLive" plan (mostly) so I won't post recipes.

At home, I had a green juice. It had no fruit, and it was pretty assertive tasting, but it made me feel good to start the day with. The plan also called for chia water, but I didn't have chia seeds. (Until I got home tonight and my seeds had arrived from! Yay!)

For lunch I had an awesome salad. I have a little bamboo cutting board and ceramic knife that I keep in my desk, so I can cut my veggies right before I make the salad. The ceramic knife is a little scary. I'm used to using a pretty dull knife at home, so when I sliced the avocado it went right through the pit. Yikes!

For dinner I had a raw soup and red bell pepper flax chips (the HuuRaw brand). I couldn't believe that it filled me up, I couldn't even finish the bowl.

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