Sunday, February 22, 2009

Turning 40 is Confusing

Yes, that is correct. I turned 40 this Friday. I didn't expect to be freaked out by it, but I was. I lost my younger sister about four years ago, and sometimes that makes otherwise happy events very difficult for me.

But I made the best of it. Got a new haircut. (I cannot think with so much hair, and there is an awesomely good Supercuts a block from my work.) Went out for dinner with my mom and hubby.

Lots of things in the works this year, and I'm excited about that. Nutrition and health are biggies so that we can conceive this year. For the past couple of weeks I really lost sight of eating healthfully. I'm back on track as of Wednesday. Eating veggie, working on incoporating more raw. Using Angela Stokes' RevitaLive videos, which are very helpful with some of the emotional stuff.

My awesome mom and my husband's awesome mom gave me some birthday love in my cards, so I am finally the proud owner of a Ronco food dehydrator, yay! I have my first batch of carrot crackers dehydrating as we speak. I am excited about having these to take to work with raw soups or salads. My energy is better all day at work when I have a good lunch. I'm having some difficulty with coworkers not coming in to my office to ask me to take calls or appointments while I'm eating, so I think I'm going to try to hide in an empty office this week to have lunch.

Here is a nonsense poem I wrote the day before the big 4-0.

Para Mi, Para Ti, Party

The year of living changerously
The year of living strangerously

Feeling amorously
Loving clamorously

Cake shaking
Baby making
Thirst slaking

Mid life mysis
Rolling big dices
Sipping Lemon Berry Isis

Rosemary, you were only half right. This is a dream, and it is really happening.

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