Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 2 - In Which We Learn the Value of Waking Up On Time

Day two of my journey towards better eating. My goals this week are simple: have a green smoothie or green juice every morning. Next week I'll add on. If I have more raw or vegan goodness, I'll talk about that too.

I overslept this morning, which meant I did not wake up in time to make my green smoothie. Bummer. I knew there was a juice bar called "Power Source" which I had seen near my office. So I found it on the way in. I was afraid it would be Jamba Juice like. It was pleasantly more hippie-esque than that. Once inside, I almost caved and ordered a delicious fruit smoothie. But I ordered the "motor oil" juice instead. It had beet, spinach, carrot and celery (and parsley maybe) juices, mixed together. Yummy. But $4.50? I could make a week's worth of green smoothies at home for that. Such is the Financial District.

My hubby made great veggie dinner too. We had the hot and sour soup recipe from one of the Sarah Kramer cookbooks, which is always popular with us.

Tomorrow I'll get up in time to make my green smoothie!

Have a healthy day!

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Anonymous said...

Three cheers for you on your journey. You will find so many raw foodies who will be cheering you on. If you ever have questions I may be able to help, and if I don't I'll point you to someone who does.