Sunday, September 7, 2008

Green Smoothie Challenge Part 2

The Green Smoothie Challenge is starting again! If you're not familiar you can check it out here:

Anand and Runi are very interesting and generous people who have putting these challenges together. They've revamped the website for this new challenge and it looks great! So for the next two weeks, I'm having my green smoothie! (I have it pretty frequently anyway, I'm definitely a fan of the green smoothie.) Today's smoothie is pretty simple but tasty. Fresh organic blueberries and spinach and water. Hello antioxidants, roam around inside my cells, and take fistfuls of toxins when you leave, ok? Thanks!

In other news, I was up 0.3 pounds at weigh-in, which is kind of stupefying to me, but I was eating terrible foods prior to this week, so maybe my body is still catching up. On the other hand, still no conclusive proof that I am *not* pregnant...

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RawkYouLikeAHurricane said...

P.S. Said smoothie was very tasty and refreshing and made me feel good.