Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sick Saturday

Long time no bloggy. I am working on recovering from a nasty cold right now. I guess the long work hours finally caught up with me, so I am promising myself that I will only work five days a week from now on. At least, at the office. I want to spend more time working with my lovely hubby on Big Ole Face Full of Monster, our fun magazine (

My 100 raw days is not really happening as consistently as I wanted it to, but I'm eating more veggies than I was when I started! I don't really see myself ever being 100% raw. I have to admit that it may not be right for me, at least not now. I get a little obsessed with food, especially the more I restrict it, so I have to be careful.

In non-food related news, am I preggers? Who knows. The magic stick says NO, but I am about a week late. I'd like to be preggers, so I think I'm going to start charting my cycle finally. Unless of course, it turns out that i'm already pregnant!

I got myself a ticket to meet Sarah Kramer at her book release event in San Francisco in October. She's kind of a hero to me, I think she's very inspirational and fun, so that is very exciting for me. If you don't know who she is, and you like vegan food, check out her three books, How it All Vegan, Garden of Vegan and La Dolce Vegan. They all have great recipes that everyone likes when I make them. The hot and sour soup recipe is a regular on the menu at my house.

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