Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hi Everyone! I am very excited that Bunny Berry's Raw Fu 100 Day Raw Food challenge is starting on 08/01/08. I tried to be 100% raw yesterday to see how it went. It was not the best day of the month to do this for the first time, if you know what I'm sayin', and I think you do.

I even babied myself and purchased some things from the Power Source Juice Bar near my work. It is the only place that I have found in San Francisco's financial district (the fidi, if you will) that is raw friendly if you want more than a plate of romaine lettuce and a wedge of lemon. I had a swampgrass smoothie in the morning, which I LOVE! I really like wheatgrass, and if you blend it with yummy fruit and spirulina, I'm all over it.

I went back to the same place for the Power Source Power Food Salad. Tons of spinach, with broccoli sprouts, hemp seeds, carrots and raw walnuts. With a yummy balsamic vinagrette on the side. I was even enjoying eating outside, instead of at my desk, until it became so windy that my spinach leaves started blowing away.

And I had a carrot juice in the afternoon. So I'm feeling pretty awesome, and then I get home. I was planning to have zucchini noodles with raw tomato sauce. I've made it before and like it. But the thought of the zucchini was making me feel queasy. I think I was just hungry, because by the time I was done making dinner for me and the hubby, I felt awful and sad and mad. I had a bowl of fresh mushrooms with chopped tomatoes and half a smushed up avocado. None of which tasted good until I put a little salt and hot sauce on top. Later in the evening I had some sourdough toast, which is not raw, but I felt gross and the toast made me feel better. Today I am only doing about half raw, and I feel much less creepy. I need to ease into this.

How was your healthy day??


rawgirl said...

Hey, I saw you on Raw Fu, so the whole thing about toast making you feel better...are you sure you're not already pregers???

RawkYouLikeAHurricane said...

Yeah, I'm very sure. I think I just didn't eat nearly as much as I'm used to, or maybe it's detox. I'm going to keep trying!!

yardsnacker said...

lol I just saw your post on punkrawkitchen....I LOVE YOUR NAME! LOL!
Scorps rule!