Thursday, July 24, 2008

Safe Foods and Goals

Howdy everyone. I'm still gearing up for the Raw Fu challenge. I read this story twice in one week, so I'm going to blather on about it. I checked out one of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books from the library, because I like to be inspired, to warm the cockles of my sticky black heart. Anyway, there was this story about whales at Sea World type places, and how they train them. (I know, Sea World, not so nice.) But the way they train them is to first set a goal that there is no way they cannot achieve. They couldn't fail if they wanted to. They put the rope or line or whatever they jump over way under the water, so the whales just swim over it. Then they reward them like crazy. And gradually they raise the line until they can jump way over it. Every jump, huge praise and love and rewards. If they don't do it, no punishment, no mean looks, just no response.

Then, I got this story AGAIN in my email. So I started thinking about setting a small goal this week. In BunnyBerry's awesome week one raw fu workbook, she has us set a week one goal. Even though the challenge starts August first, I set a goal on Monday. I decided to write down every single thing that I ate this week. (I'm trying to lose some weight so I can be healthier and so I can get pregnant, so journalling my food is a good thing.) Then, I almost set a hard goal, like at least 50% raw! No matter what! Rawwrrrrrrr! Then I thought about the whales. So the other goal that I wrote down is this. I will take a green highlighter every day and highlight every raw thing that I ate. I won't make frowny faces or write that I suck next to the non-raw foods. And I like it. Because I can't fail. Some days have more green ink than others. It's achievable.

Finally, I'm drinking a sort of raw yummy dinner, because I just got home from work. (My lovely hubby is watching a scary show, and I can't watch it before bed, so I decided to write something.) Anywho, last night I soaked an ounce of raw almonds in some water, with a few raisins and some yerba mate tea. I meant to blend it all up to make a nut milk tea thing this morning, but mornings are difficult. So when I got home, I took out the tea bag, and drained off the tea (bummer, but it's almost time to sleep, and it has a little caffeine), added some soy milk and a handful of cherries and blended away on my trusty crappy blender. Yummy almond cherry stuff. With nut bits. But very yummy.

See you all tomorrow!


Aimee said...

50% is a great goal! you are trying out some cool stuff and figuring out what you like which is awesome! keep at it.

~Anastazia~ said...

Anastazia here, from RawFu!
I really enjoyed this post today, excellent insight into motivation & the power of rewards~
~I especially like your green highlighter idea, I've been logging my food, & have been tempted to not write down anything when I break raw, but you really helped me remember, again, that the real purpose is growth, change & gradual improvement, & that we need to be gentle with the process~
~Look forward to following your progress during these 100 days! I'm geting soooo excited! (Even though I'm 100% or close most days...)
Keep bloggin'!

Anonymous said...

I think that the journaling is a great idea!!