Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cooking Up a Storm Saturday

What a lovely Saturday. Woke up late, did yoga with the hubby. Went to farmer's market at BART station, it was only so-so. Made Puttanesca Scramble and toast for breakfast (with Iced coffee of course). Recipe here: We gave it two thumbs up. Didn't take a photo of anything today, just ate it.

Went to dog park, always a good time. There was a very sweet little girl there who was totally in love with all the dogs. She kept calling Gomez and he would jump on her lap and she would squeal and say, "He's a cuddler!" every time.

Came home, chilled out. Made Polenta Croutons (YUM!) and caesar salad with Living Caesar Dressing (both from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan, linked in earlier post). I loved the dressing, hubby not so much. I think I'll definitely make it again to take to work. Also made mixed berry cobbler. Used the recipe from Vegan With a Vengance (altered the peach cobbler recipe). It turned out very well. Lots of cooking and homemade eating today. The link to Vegan with a Vengance is here: I've made several recipes from it, and they were all good. Can't wait to see Isa's new Brunch book.

Then we watched Murder My Sweet on dvd. Excellent.

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