Friday, March 19, 2010

Tomorrow is Henna Day!

I have a goopy bowl of henna and lemon juice marinating on the counter as we speak. Tomorrow I am going to use my henna from .

Over the next several months, my goals are to get my body in good shape, and to try to put natural things in and on my body. I weigh 375 as of last Sunday (down from a high of 381!) After a refreshingly and startlingly frank talk with my ob/gyn last week, I have chosen 240 as my goal wait for pre-pregnancy. This should put me in a much less risky BMI range.

I had been using Feria hair dye, which is gorgeous, but not very natural. I had wanted to try something different to keep my hair red (it's naturally a dullish red), and one day I happened to see the lovely Pure Jeevan post about henna. I will post before and after pictures!

Tomorrow is also weigh-in day. I have been working pretty hard, and I hope the scale is still headed in the right direction. I have some mixed feelings about weight loss, but I need to be healthy for my family, and I do not feel healthy now. I am using the Weight Watchers Simply Filling Technique, which focuses on fresh, healthy food, and small amounts of healthy oils. And I'm using the treadmill and recumbent bike.

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