Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I just created a huge post and accidentally deleted it. So I will just show you my crazy submission to the Raw Fu Green Smoothie Mustache Contest. Why am I making this face!

I've eaten about 50% raw for the last five days and I'm happy about that!

We leave tomorrow for Hawaii! I've never been, hooray! There will be photos when I return!


sarabethxvx said...

Oh my god! how was hawaii? Where did you go? Me and my bf went last november and it was SO beautiful! Oh and raweos, so delicious. I have definitely been putting them away like they don't cost 7 dollars a package!

RawkYouLikeAHurricane said...

Hawaii was very beautiful, and very HOT. Too hot for me, but I love the ocean and snorkeling. And we had a good time being away from work. We went to Lahaina on Maui. I'll post the photos when I get them back, I took most of them with a disposable waterproof cam.