Tuesday, August 5, 2008

RAW FU Journaling Rules! (I found my lost post!)

Bunny Berry is a genius. She made us all this great little workbook to download and printout as part of our first mini-challenge (Day 1 through 10 of 100 days). There are 10 little circles, about the size of a quarter, and each day you're supposed to doodle something in the circle. It's so cool, it's a teensy journal. Here's what my circles say for each day!

Mmmmm, Citrus Surprise Smoothie!

Yee-Haw, Nut Milk and Raw Cacao Mmmmm

Big Salad saves the day!

Raw donut holes are crazy! Mmmmmm!

Raw Donut Holes = New Wheaties!

See, they're like crazy headlines for the end of each day. I love it.

I made raw donut holes last night from the Ani Phyo cookbook (thanks for getting it for me Sweetie!!). They were good, but my tiny magic bullet blender was not up to the task of grinding almonds in to powder or chopping dried pineapple. When I tried to chop the pineapple it made a horrible smell. When I took the blade off, the bottom was so hot it burned me. Sorry little blender. But they were tasty. Even tastier left over for breakfast.

I said to my hubby "Oh no, this is exactly the kind of halloween treat that kids hate isn't it!?" Yes, I'm that person now. Too bad, I like eating a natural goodie!

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