Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thanks Kevin Gianni!

Kevin Gianni and his wife Ann Marie are awesome. If you haven't checked out his show, at, you should. A few weeks ago they had a recipe for portobello steaks with veggies and pinenut cream sauce on top. I made it tonight and the hubby and I dug it. I hope he doesn't mind me posting my picture of it, which is here:

After dinner, I prepared for the week by making four green lemonades to freeze. I just can't seem to always get it together in the morning, so frozen is good enough. Here is a quart and half of lemonade!
The recipe is from Natalia Rose's Raw Food Detox book, which I'm using a lot right now. I need to do this in stages or it doesn't work so well for me. I kind of fell off of the wagon HARD while I was in vacation, but now I'm back to my commitment of at least 50% raw for the rest of the 100 days.
Have a healthy day everyone!

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